The Latest at South West Clothing


Who likes our recent shopping trip?



Chocolate shoes? We say yes please!

This week we have had an influx of local designers in preparation for the upcoming racing season. Melbourne Cup is next week ladies & fellas so organising your outfit is a priority!

Here at South West Clothing we have all your suiting, dresses and fascinators all ready to put together your outfit and we have some tips to keep in mind for the big day:

1. Comfortable heels – because nothing is less than classy than carrying your heels home in your hands with your feet bare. Make sure you can walk some distance in your heels ladies!

2. Layer carefully – with the recent ‘can’t-make-up-its-mind-weather’ make sure you consider that the weather might change on the day so have a back up layer ready.

3. Buy the fascinator first – structure your outfit around the hat first so the outfit looks well considered and thought out.

4. Boys get out our iron – nothing is worse than a crinkled suit, sharp tailoring looks best when straight so iron away boys!

5. Check the dress codes at your venue – nothing is worse than not being let into the function because your outfit is wrong, check beforehand.

We hope you have a great day everyone!


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