Travel Photo’s from Italy

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As you may have noticed we have been absent from the Lady Queen Hotel as we have been away on holiday in Italy! It was very exciting and to be honest we loved our stay in Venice and then Florence.

Spending a few days perusing the canals around Venice with not a car or bike in sight was very picturesque. The highlight however was traveling on the ferries between the islands and seeing each unique culture on each different island.

Florence was just one big gallery. Everywhere you look somewhere of historical importance or beauty was smacking you in the face! The views however from the Palace in Florence where amazing! You could see for miles around through Tuscany.

Thank you for being so patient with our staff whilst we were gone, it was a well received holiday. We hope to see you all soon!

P.S. Don’t forget to book with us for the Melbourne Cup Luncheon.


Weekly Roundup



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This week in the community:

1. We opened some new doors with the beginning of our community.

2. Learnt how we can prepare our homes for the summer entertaining season from SWREA.

3. Snacks & Beer are not only selling French pastries but showing us how to make them!

4. Want something different to give this Halloween? Look no further than Cupcakes.

5. And the look at Get Up Dress Up Costumes for some unique Halloween costume ideas.

6. We also learnt some vital tips for race day dressing from SWC.

We hope you have had a great week everyone!

The Latest at South West Clothing


Who likes our recent shopping trip?



Chocolate shoes? We say yes please!

This week we have had an influx of local designers in preparation for the upcoming racing season. Melbourne Cup is next week ladies & fellas so organising your outfit is a priority!

Here at South West Clothing we have all your suiting, dresses and fascinators all ready to put together your outfit and we have some tips to keep in mind for the big day:

1. Comfortable heels – because nothing is less than classy than carrying your heels home in your hands with your feet bare. Make sure you can walk some distance in your heels ladies!

2. Layer carefully – with the recent ‘can’t-make-up-its-mind-weather’ make sure you consider that the weather might change on the day so have a back up layer ready.

3. Buy the fascinator first – structure your outfit around the hat first so the outfit looks well considered and thought out.

4. Boys get out our iron – nothing is worse than a crinkled suit, sharp tailoring looks best when straight so iron away boys!

5. Check the dress codes at your venue – nothing is worse than not being let into the function because your outfit is wrong, check beforehand.

We hope you have a great day everyone!






All images from We Heart Vintage

Looking for a really classy Halloween costume? We know all the recent posts have been Halloween themed, so in keeping with the season we have put together some really unique Halloween costume ideas. In reality, the witch, wizard and naughty cat have been done to death – so be different!? And what is better than dressing up in layers of sequins and pearls?

We will tell you – nothing. It is so much fun! So come play dress ups with us at Get Up Dress Up Costumes!

Halloween Cupcakes





All images from Pinterest

Are you hosting a Halloween party? Have you thought about handing something different out to the children this year? Want your gifts to be the talk of the town?

We have taken inspiration from Pinterest this year and have made some great Halloween Cupcakes being displayed in store now. Also this weeks High Tea will be Halloween themed including Brain sandwiches (Curried egg), Radioactive Tea, and more!

We hope to see you at Cupcakes in costume!

European Pastries

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How good do these french pastries, cakes and lollies look!? This week at Snack & Beer we are focusing on our love of french sweet foods. Our cafe is selling traditional french food for half price during happy hour (weekdays 12pm -1pm), and our deli includes that great toucan!

Also as a new feature to the cafe we are hosting a cake making tutorial this Saturday at 10am. Come along to find out the tips and tricks for making some of the cakes being featured in our shop this week!

Summer Living

With summer fast approaching we thought we would share with you some ideas to get your home ready for the entertaining season. Western Australia is so blessed with its temperate climate (although it sometimes doesn’t feel that way) that we are able to make the most of our outdoors lifestyle. You can transfer this to your home as well in terms of indoor – outdoor living.

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From the South West Real Estate Agency